Rhein-Hotel & Stübers Restaurant

Langstraße 50, 55422 Bacharach

Directly on the railway line, on the Rhine-side footpath on the city wall is the restaurant garden, the outdoor terrace of Stübers Restaurant.

The restaurant at Langstraße 50 offers upscale cuisine with typical regional specialities and is certified as a World Heritage host. In view of the good cuisine and the attractive view of the Rhine, visitors to the restaurant garden are unimpressed by the passing ICE trains.

Rhein-Hotel & Stübers Restaurant

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55422 Bacharach Langstraße 50
Rhein-Hotel & Stübers Restaurant
Langstraße 50
55422 Bacharach

Phone: (0049) 6743 1243
E-mail: info@rhein-hotel-bacharach.de

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