Rheinhalle Remagen

Rheinhalle Remagen

Goethestraße 25, 53424 Remagen

The Rheinhalle is a municipal sports and multi-purpose hall. In addition to sports events, art and cultural events also take place in the Rheinhalle and in the adjacent foyer.

The Rheinhalle was built in 1982 as the first sports and multi-purpose hall with an attached stage house in Rhineland-Palatinate. Opened in 1983, the hall is home to more than two dozen clubs and is also used intensively for school sports. But it is also a centre for music, cabaret and culture. The hall can seat up to 1450 people, and the grandstand is designed for around 450 spectators. It offers three separable sections, a stage and a retractable grandstand. The foyer is suitable for smaller events with up to 190 visitors. Due to the very good acoustics, the foyer is ideal for classical concerts.

Rheinhalle Remagen

From01.01.2023 until the 31.12.2023

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53424 Remagen Goethestraße 25
Rheinhalle Remagen
Goethestraße 25
53424 Remagen

Phone: (0049) 2642 20187
E-mail: touristinfo@remagen.de
Web: http://www.remagen.de

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