Stadtmauer bei Nacht

Rhens town wall

Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15, 56321 Rhens

The city wall in Rhens was built around 1400 and encloses the city of Rhens. Of the former 5 city gates, the "Rheintor", "Josefstor", "Viehtor" and "Koblenzertor" are still preserved.

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In 1396 the construction of the city wall was started; in 1424 the work was completed. The city wall with the 5 gates (church gate, cattle gate, Koblenz gate, Joseft gate and Rhine gate) is to a considerable extent still preserved today. The most prominent part of the city wall is the "Scharfe Turm" on the Rhine. Once it served as a lookout and customs tower, later it was a prison and torture chamber. For more information or guided tours, please call 02628/8659.

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Stadtmauer bei Nacht
Am Viehtor
Stadtmauer am Viehtor

Rhens town wall

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56321 Rhens Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15
Stadt Rhens
Altes Rathaus- Hochstraße 15
56321 Rhens

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