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Rhine ferry Bad Breisig - Bad Hönningen (car and passengers)

Römerbergstr. 17, 56598 Rheinbrohl

Car ferry Bad Breisig - Bad Hönningen
Hirzmann GmbH. The ferry for commuters - friendly - fast - reliable.
We take you safely from shore to shore! For further information, please visit our homepage.

Car ferry Bad Breisig - Bad Hönningen
It would be simply wrong to regard the numerous ferries along the Rhine as mere means of transport. They are a real institution and belong to the Rhine valley like the castles and the wine. Their tradition is long and the profession of ferryman has existed on the Rhine since the Middle Ages. The shallows and rocky outcrops were once treacherous and only a good connoisseur of the river could bring his guests dry and safely from shore to shore. Even today, skill and experience are needed, because the ferries are part of one of the largest transport routes in Europe. The Rhine is an important waterway and thus continues its importance as a transport route to this day. Shipping and ferry services are therefore no nostalgia on the Rhine, but are part of the daily scene. Bridges are few and far between here and are concentrated in the region around Koblenz. Upstream and downstream, however, ferries are typical Rhine residents. Rich in tradition and even the scene of the "Festival of the Flying Bridge" between the neighboring villages of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen. When in the 16th century the first ferry was pulled on ropes between St. Goar and St. Goarshausen across the Rhine, the Easter custom around this "Flying Bridge" also arose: the ferryman received an egg as an obolus from the passengers for the crossing on Easter.

HirzmannGMbh. The ferry for commuters -friendly -fast -reliable.
We bring you safely from shore to shore! For more information please visit our homepage.

Rhine ferry Bad Breisig - Bad Hönningen (car and passengers)

From01.01.2019 until the 31.12.2025

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56598 Rheinbrohl Römerbergstr. 17
Rheinfähre Bad Breisig - Bad Hönningen
Römerbergstr. 17
56598 Rheinbrohl

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