Salzkopf mit Salzkopfturm Franz Roos

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The Salzkopf is located in the middle of the Bingen Forest and, at 624 meters, is the highest peak in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site.

The special feature of the elevation in the forest is the 24-meter high wooden lookout tower, the Franz Roos salt head tower. The first tower on the Salzkopf was built in 1899 and renewed in 1922. Due to weather conditions, the tower decayed over time. In the early 1970s, a new tower was built. Feeding damage by the horse ant caused its closure in 1997. Franz Roos, a politician from Bingen, initiated its renovation and reopening in 1999. In his honor, the tower has been called "Salzkopf Tower Franz Roos" since 2007. Further renovation measures were carried out in 2008/09. The roofed viewing platform offers a fantastic panoramic view on clear days. The tower can be reached on foot in a short time from the Lauschhütte forest restaurant near Daxweiler or from Trechtingshausen.

Between the Lauschhütte forest restaurant and the Salzkopf tower, there is a toboggan run about 400 meters long. When snow conditions are suitable, the Lauschhütte organizes the "Gaudi-Rodel-Rennen" in cooperation with the Bingen Ski Club. The race always takes place on the first snow Sunday in the new year.

Salzkopf mit Salzkopfturm Franz Roos

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