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The “Schultheissenhaus” The house at 28 Biergasse was built in 1670 by the sheriff family Meurers as an official office and residence; the wrought iron numerals on the outer facade provide the evidence for this. The family served as sheriffs from 1588 to 1794 – this is equivalent to the position of the mayor (Bürgermeister) today. The initials of Wilhelm Meurers are engraved in the sides of the window grates. The Heimat- und Museumsverein Bad Breisig e.V. moved into the right wing of the ground floor in 2015, where it opened a city and local history museum. It displays exhibitions on various historic topics. All other premises are rented out privately.

Schultheißenhaus | © Tourist-Information Bad Breisig
Schultheißenhaus Infotafel | © Tourist-Information Bad Breisig


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53498 Bad Breisig
Museums- und Heimatverein Bad Breisig e.V.
53498 Bad Breisig

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