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08:00 - 20:00

St. Lambertuspark - Spay

Kirchgasse/Zehnthofstrasse, 56322 Spay

St. Lambertuspark - Spay

The St. Lambertus Park is located behind the parish church of St. Lambertus in Spay (crossroads Kirchgasse/Zehnthofstrasse).

It is a barrier-free recreational facility with a play area for children, boules court and a circular open-air stage as well as an associated seating terrace. St. Lambertuspark offers beautiful and natural seating in a green space, with a wildflower meadow and many other plants and trees.

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St. Lambertuspark - Spay

From01.01.2022 until the 29.11.2025

Opening hours:
Monday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Tuesday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Wednesday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Thursday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Friday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Saturday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Sunday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock

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56322 Spay Kirchgasse/Zehnthofstrasse
St. Lambertuspark
56322 Spay

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