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St. Mary's Catholic Church

53498 Bad Breisig

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In 1337 a chapel was mentioned in a document at this place. The foundation stone for the present Catholic parish church was laid in 1654 by Abbess Anna Salomee. Construction did not begin until 1717. The extension of the St. Mary's church dates back to 1977 and contains, among other things, a Gothic silver cross with a relic of the Templar cross. The gallery with the stately organ case is a cultural monument of a special kind represents the visible front of the late Baroque organ case. Designed between 1755 and 1759 by the pictorial artist Benjamin Opitz from Groden, this organ prospect adorned the organ of the Lutheran Lamberti Church in Aurich, East Frisia, for 200 years. In 1959, the parish of St. Marien took it over from there. At the same time, the old organ was replaced by a new one. The organ builder Rowan West, Altenahr, created an instrument in the North German baroque style, thus creating a stylistic and tonal harmony of the organ work with the baroque style of the organ case and the other furnishings of the church.

St. Mary's Catholic Church

From25.10.2023 until the 25.10.2032

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53498 Bad Breisig
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53498 Bad Breisig

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