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Vulkan Express railway line

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With the historical "Vulkan-Expreß" you have the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful side valleys of the Rhine and get to know the diverse natural and cultural landscape.

Experience the railway and landscape in the Brohl!

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Dear Brohltalbahn friends, Dear passengers,
If you are reading these pages, you are either planning a trip with one of the most charming means of transport in Germany, or you just want to find out about a unique train, which has had the melodious name "Vulkan-Express" since 1977. Be that as it may - a very varied and eventful trip through one of the most scenic side valleys of the Rhine is in store for you. No matter whether you are a hiker, a bicycle tourist, a nature lover or a railroad enthusiast, you will find relaxing hours and get to know a diverse natural and cultural landscape.
The trains, pulled by steam and diesel locomotives, will take you from Brohl on the Rhine to Engeln in the Eifel at a speed of 20 km/h. Interesting rock formations, initially consisting of slate and later of volcanic trass and tuff rock, accompany the journey along the Brohlbach until Burgbrohl. Before reaching the picturesque half-timbered train station of Burgbrohl, however, the valley of the Brohl must be crossed at Bad Tönnistein on a 120-meter-long viaduct at a height of 12 meters.
Immediately afterwards, the narrow-gauge line, whose gauge is the now rare one meter, winds through the only tunnel of the approximately 18 kilometer long railroad line. It is a fascinating experience when a fully loaded passenger train, pulled by a steam locomotive, puffs through the almost 100 meter long tunnel tube. (We won't tell you too much about the scenery - you should get to know it yourself). Haven't you always dreamed of being able to look over the shoulder of the "black men" on a steam locomotive? The Brohltalbahn will be happy to show and explain this old and proven technology to you. After all, we do not only want to show our passengers the beautiful Eifel landscape, but also illustrate the technical history that we have preserved and kept alive. Of course, all of our trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the history of the Kleinbahn. Throughout the year, our largely historic workshop is open for viewing on Saturdays from 10:00 am.
When did you last travel in the "wooden class"? With us, it is still possible to present to surprised children's eyes the now very old carriage equipment that was commonplace not so long ago. If the weather is fine, you can enjoy another pleasure: a ride in our open carriage. Your acquaintances and friends will be amazed when you tell them that you rode in a railroad convertible! You can experience these and many other things during a ride with the Vulkan-Express on the Brohltalbahn. In almost all trains, our service team will provide you with drinks. At the kiosk in Brohl BE station, you can get refreshments and various souvenirs (stickers, postcards, etc.) as well as our brochure "100th Anniversary of the Brohltalbahn", which tells the story of the only narrow-gauge steam railroad in Rhineland-Palatinate in an entertaining way and with numerous pictures, some of them in color.
The proceeds will be used for the preservation of the vehicles of the Brohtalbahn. In addition to the scheduled trains (currently only diesel-hauled passenger trains), special trains are operated on request throughout the year and special events are held. We hope that we have whetted your appetite and made you want to join us and take a ride. Experience the railroad and the landscape of the Brohl valley! We are looking forward to your visit Your Vulkan-Express-Team

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Bahnlinie Brohltalbahn | © Martin Hörger/ Vulkan Express
Brohltalbahn | © Vulkan-Expreß

Vulkan Express railway line

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