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Weingut Diefenhardt

Hauptstraße 9-11, 65344 Eltville-Martinsthal

Our Diefenhardt Wine Estate has a history and tradition dating back several hundreds of years. The wine vaults, still in use today, were built in the 17th century.
In 1917 the great-grandfather of Peter Seyffardt, called Jakob Diefenhardt acquired the Estate in Martinsthal from Baron von Reichenau. At this early stage the Estate was a founding member of the VDP.
Today Julia Seyffardt and her father Peter Seyffardt are managing the estate in the fourth and fifth generation. After studying Viticulture & Enology in Geisenheim, Julia entered the family winery in 2014 and is responsible for creating the Diefenhardt wines.
The Seyffardt family is aiming at the production of concentrated, complex wines reflecting their origin (terroir). Presently the winery has 17 ha (42 acres) of Riesling and Pinot Noir cultivars in the single vineyards Langenberg, Wildsau, Rothenberg under vine. The vineyard site with its factors degree and direction of inclination as well as type of soil is a decisive component in the making of great wines.
Familie Seyffardt | © Weingut Diefenhardt
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Weingut Diefenhardt

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65344 Eltville-Martinsthal Hauptstraße 9-11
Weingut Diefenhardt
Hauptstraße 9-11
65344 Eltville-Martinsthal

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