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Weingut Königshof

Rheinallee 43, 56154 Boppard

The experience of many generations of viticulture and our passion for the craft of the winemaker make our wines something special. Every wine has character, structure and its characteristics. Each vintage is individually shaped by the terroir, the microclimate of the single layer and the weather capers of a vintage.

Winery Königshof In the fifth generation, our family now cultivates vineyards in the steep slopes of the Rhine Valley. Due to the unique location of the "Bopparder Hamm" in the largest loop of the Rhine, the vineyards open up to the south like an amphitheater; The mirror effect of the Rhine water surface also creates a very favorable climate for viticulture. Therefore, we are able to cultivate the late maturing Riesling with great success. In addition, the Blue Pinot Noir and the fruity Scheurebe are firmly on offer. For lovers of very low-acid wines, our White Burgundy is highly recommended. Due to the light, rapidly warming slate soils, the wines present mature and with a fine fruity bouquet, characterized by a high proportion of slate minerals and fruit flavors. We are particularly pleased that we have been successful year after year in wine comparison trials. So our company put the Siegerwein 2003 in the dry and semi-dry category from the growing area Middle Rhine. In 2004, we were awarded numerous gold medals, including the DLG Golden Award Extra. In 2005 and 2009 we received the honorary prize of the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis as part of the national wine award. At the Riesling Grand Prix 2009 our dry Riesling Spätlese was one of the winning wines. In 2012, our Riesling Spätlese was honored as one of the TOP 50 of just under 4,000 wines employed throughout Germany. As a highlight, our winery was awarded the state honor prize in 2013 for its overall performance. That inspires. Of course, a climax can not be topped. We allow nature to make the decision to build on these achievements ....

Weingut Königshof

From13.12.2018 until the 13.12.2030

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56154 Boppard Rheinallee 43
Weingut Königshof
Rheinallee 43
56154 Boppard

Phone: (0049) 6742 2330
E-mail: info@weingutKoenigshof.de
Web: http://www.weingutKoenigshof.de

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