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Welterbegarten Stadtmauergarten

Bußgasse, 55430 Oberwesel

City wall garden on the hillside city wall

  The city wall in Oberwesel on the Michelfeld was particularly important for the defense of the city, since Oberwesel was vulnerable only on its land sides. It was therefore raised several times. However, for a long time the so-called mountain-side town wall did not attract the attention of locals and tourists as the wall on the Rhine front did. It was an insider tip for connoisseurs. This changed when the "Bauverein Historische Stadt Oberwesel e.V." renovated the western city wall piece by piece. Especially when the town created a garden at its feet. In the so-called city wall garden one finds flowering shrubs, perennials, roses and a medicinal herb garden. This "colorful" mixture has created a public garden in front of the impressive backdrop of the historical, walkable city wall. The numerous benches invite you to linger. The garden can be experienced barrier-free. But if you want, you can try the impressive stairs. Very interesting facility at the historical city wall. The garden is open all year round until nightfall.

Welterbegarten Stadtmauergarten

From25.05.2020 until the 31.12.2029

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55430 Oberwesel Bußgasse
55430 Oberwesel


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