Liebfrauenkirche Außenansicht | © Werner Klockner

Welterbegarten Vikariegarten Liebfrauenkirche

Kirchstr. 1, 55430 Oberwesel

Welcome to the World Heritage Garden Vicarage Garden of the Liebfrauenkirche Oberwesel

The former Liebfrauenstift had large gardens. They once stretched from the Liebfrauenkirche to the city wall at the Yellow Tower. Such large gardens were needed not only to supply the canons and vicars with vegetables, but also to feed the sick in the hospital belonging to the monastery and the many pilgrims and beggars in the hospice. All that remained for the church was the small vicarage garden. It is located in the former cloister. It was probably built around 1425 by the same builders who built the Liebfrauenkirche. Of its former thirty vault fields, only the first seven have been preserved. These were lavishly restored. Afterwards, some lovers of the Liebfrauenkirche created a small garden in the former cloister. They hoped that a small enclosed garden in the shadow of the Liebfrauenkirche could still give people peace and gathering, just as the canons once did. Their hope has been fulfilled. Visitors can find peace and contemplation in the vicarage garden next to the former collegiate church.

Liebfrauenkirche Außenansicht | © Werner Klockner
Goldaltar | © Werner Klockner
Orgel Liebfrauenkirche | © Werner Klockner

Welterbegarten Vikariegarten Liebfrauenkirche

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55430 Oberwesel Kirchstr. 1
Kirchstr. 1
55430 Oberwesel

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