Wohnmobilstellplatz Rheingaubad

Wohnmobilstellplätze am Rheingaubad

Rüdesheimer Str. 1, 65366 Geisenheim

Motor homes are welcome

Motor homes are welcome

From now on there are also a lot of parking spaces for motorhomes or campers at the Rheingau-Bad in Geisenheim.

For three days, travelers can park their motorhome easily and inexpensively at the Rheingau-Bad. The tariff for parking the motorhome is € 8.50 per day and is valid for 24 hours from the time of ticketing.

The ticket is simply taken from the Rheingau-Bad ticket machine and should then be clearly displayed in the vehicle.

And what happens if you arrive outside opening hours? That's no problem either: simply wait until the pool reopens and then buy the parking ticket as described.

The users of the parking spaces are entitled to use the toilets in the foyer of the bath during their stay. There is also a waste garbage can for the household waste of the travelers.

Wohnmobilstellplatz Rheingaubad
Wohnmobilstellplatz Rheingaubad2

Wohnmobilstellplätze am Rheingaubad

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65366 Geisenheim Rüdesheimer Str. 1
Rheingau Bad
Rüdesheimer Str. 1
65366 Geisenheim

Phone: (0049) 06722 910 158
E-mail: rheingau-bad@geisenheim.de
Web: http://www.rheingau-bad.de

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