Wohnmobilstellplatz Braubach

Rheinuferstraße B 42, 56338 Braubach

Motorhome parking Braubach directly on the B 42.

The RV park of the city of Braubach, located directly on the banks of the Rhine, is the perfect starting point for all kinds of activities. The motorhome site is open all year round and can also be accessed by large motorhomes. Arrival and departure is possible around the clock. The site is operated by the town of Braubach.

Its location directly on the banks of the Rhine and the impressive view of Marksburg Castle make the predominantly asphalted site a popular destination for motorhomes from near and far. The duration of the stay is not limited in time. Whether just for a few hours, a weekend or several days, everyone is welcome.This also applies to pets.

No reservations are made.

Wohnmobilstellplatz Braubach

56338 Braubach Rheinuferstraße B 42
Wohnmobilstellplatz Braubach
Rheinuferstraße B 42
56338 Braubach

Phone: (0049) 2627-976001
E-mail: info@braubach.de
Web: https://www.wohnmobilstellplatz-braubach.de/

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