Bauerngarten zum weissen Schwanen

Brunnenstr. 4, 56338 Braubach

A typical cottage garden from this region

Cottage Garden Zum Weissen Schwanen

A typical cottage garden from this region. Ornamental and food plants, characteristic box edging, small corners to sit and relax: all set against the backdrop of a traditional country inn and the surrounding scenery. In addition the owners have been selected as “World Heritage Hosts”. A place that invites the visitor to linger and take in the special atmosphere of the World Heritage valley.


Bauerngarten zum weissen Schwanen

From03.08.2022 until the 03.08.2032

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56338 Braubach Brunnenstr. 4
Landgasthof Zum Weissen Schwanen
Brunnenstr. 4
56338 Braubach

Phone: (0049) 2627 9820

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