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Ehrenmal Oberlahnsteiner Kreuz

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The memorial for the fallen of the First World War in Oberlahnstein.

Above the Schützenplatz (Rheinhöhenweg) in Oberlahnstein, a footpath leads today to the memorial for the fallen of the First World War. The cross, visible from afar, was planned and executed on a hilltop under the National Socialists in the style of the time. Typical for the time was the creation of a parade ground (26x16 meters) and the addition of the symbols of rule of National Socialism. Both were realized with "eagle" and "flame bowl". In the two-year construction phase from the 1st ground-breaking ceremony to the inauguration, "17,500 cm³ of earth and rock masses were mastered, 932 cm³ of masonry made of quarry stones were piled up and 108 cm³ of ferroconcrete were stamped into load-bearing foundations," the documents state. The names of 194 fallen or missing soldiers of the First World War 1914/18 are inscribed on the seven cast-iron plaques. The 19.80 m high iron cross was erected on the crenellated Rhine front.

The consecration took place on 23.06.1935. After the Second World War the memorial on the Martinsberg lost its importance. The swastika was immediately removed from the emblem of the Third Reich by decision of the city council. Since then, public commemoration on the days of national mourning has concentrated on the cemeteries, where, in addition to the fallen of the First World War, those of the Second World War, including the civilians killed during the war in Lahnstein, had been buried and honorary cemeteries had been established.

Ehrenmal OL Kreuz
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Ehrenmal Oberlahnsteiner Kreuz

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