Fastnachtsbrunnen II | © Stadt Lahnstein

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Kirchstraße 1, 56112 Lahnstein

The carnival fountain has stood in Oberlahnstein's old town since 1997.

The fountain was designed by the Lahnstein artist Hans- Georg Schleifer (1940 - 2017). The bronze sculpture weighs 1.7 tons. The group of figures was cast by the art foundry "P+H" (Roman Pecher, Lubomir Holecek) in Karlovy Vary.

It depicts two funny fools, who make the fifth season in Lahnstein always seem alive all year round. Although the Lahnstein fools do not handle spoons and forks and wear different caps than those depicted here, the fountain is a true adornment for the beautiful square, which was created in connection with the renovation of the old town.

Fastnachtsbrunnen II | © Stadt Lahnstein
Collage Fastnachtsbrunnen | © Stadt Lahnstein
Fastnachtsbrunnen III | © Stadt Lahnstein
Jupp Bodenstein Platz | © Stadt Lahnstein


From04.02.2022 until the 04.02.2025

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56112 Lahnstein Kirchstraße 1
Kirchstraße 1
56112 Lahnstein


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