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Mahnmal Synagoge

Synagogengasse, 56564 Neuwied

Synagogue Memorial

Memorial to the burning and destruction of the former synagogue inaugurated in 1748. Destroyed on 11 September 1938 by the Nazis. Former Jewish school demolished in 1980. Likewise memory to former Jewish life and culture in Neuwied.

The synagogue in Neuwied was consecrated in 1748. It was located at the beginning of Engerser Straße, which was renamed Synagogengasse in 1983. The Jewish community of Neuwied initially had a prayer room in the lower Schlossstraße. As the community grew, plans were made to build a synagogue from 1739. Count Friedrich Alexander provided a plot of land in the immediate vicinity of the castle and 10 logs, 200 carts of stones and 100 carts of sand for the construction. The synagogue was solemnly consecrated on 13 August 1748. deeple free

Mahnmal Synagoge

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56564 Neuwied Synagogengasse
Mahnmal Synagoge
56564 Neuwied

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