Halber Turm

Rundturm oder „Halber Wehrturm“

Mainzer Straße, 55413 Rheindiebach

The round corner tower with battlement on the Rhine bank road is the only remnant of the Gothic town fortification in Rheindiebach, which was probably built in the 14th century.

This was connected with the Fürstenberg castle complex on the Rhine Heights via Rheindiebach. Today, the round tower is located between Mainzer Straße and the B9 federal road. It was reduced in size by half - i.e. halved - in 1969 when the federal road was extended. The "half fortified tower" is owned by the municipality and is accessible via a spiral staircase. For the public, the round tower can only be visited from the outside.

Rundturm oder „Halber Wehrturm“

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55413 Rheindiebach Mainzer Straße
Mainzer Straße
55413 Rheindiebach

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