Audio Tours

Listen to stories of the Rhine as you cycle

7 bike tours with 42 audio episodes.

QR Code pickablue | © pickablueSeven cycling tours covering distances of between 16 and 46 kilometres invite you to listen to the people of the Rhine as they talk about their Heimat, the fascinating landscape, the area’s rich history, its myths and life with and on the river. Cycling through the Rhine Valley between the Mäuseturm and the Drachenfels becomes a truly authentic experience, as you discover the stories and secrets of the places along the river.

Simply click to listen to the audio clips, download the tours to your mobile phone as MP3 files or scan the QR codes on the signs along the cycle path as you go.

The tours follow the Rhine Cycle Route, which is waymarked with the route logo. On some sections you are offered the alternative of taking the boat or train, so there’s no need for a map.