Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen | © European Cyclists’ Federation, Demarrage LTMA

EuroVelo 15 – The Rhine Cycle Route

1233 km - 4 Countries - 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

From the source to the mouth of the river.

The Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15) follows one of Europe’s greatest rivers from its source to where it flows into the sea. With a total length of 1233 km, it passes through four countries: Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
From its source in Switzerland to its estuary at the North Sea, the Rhine Cycle Route uses a uniform signage system with the EuroVelo 15 logo.

As well as offering facts and figures relating to the individual sections of the route, the website tells you all you need to know to plan your tour, highlights current cycling events along the route and offers bookable packages for all tastes. Here you’ll find a wealth of information, from natural and cultural heritage sites along the route, museums and harbours to regional culinary highlights; in fact, everything you need to make your active holiday on the Rhine Cycle Route a truly memorable experience.


Rhine Cycle Route

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