Rhine Cycle Route near Koblenz | © European Cyclists’ Federation, Demarrage LTMA

The Rhine Cycle Route

Cruising along by the river

The Romantic Rhine section

The Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15) follows one of Europe's greatest rivers from its source in the Swiss Alps to its estuary at the North Sea coast. Over a distance of 1233 km, it passes through four countries and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
On the section of the Romantic Rhine between Bingen/Rüdesheim and Remagen/Unkel, both banks of the river are perfect for cycling. Here, the Rhine Cycle Route always follows the course of the river. On the Rhine’s left bank, it runs continuously, sometimes directly beside the river, sometimes through the towns and villages along the Rhine promenades or as a separate cycle path alongside the road.

On the right bank of the Rhine between Rüdesheim and Kestert there are still a few gaps, which make cycling difficult. Until the entire Rhine Cycle Route along the right bank is completed, it is advisable to bridge certain sections by taking the boat, ferry or train.